Respond on Demand – New program: Management Support

What we are offering

We are offering significant help, tools and methods to hotel managements on a yearly, twelve month basis. The manager is you, we just simply help and facilitate you to do your job better!

  • Basic Collaboration principals
  • Evaluation of the hotel assets and potential
  • Systematic overview of the hotel and management functionality
  • Designing and building an effective hotel management
  • Sales increase, marketing and public relations in collaboration with the hotelier himself.
  • We are helping you..
  • To be more effective in the best functionality of your hotel
  • To achieve improved overseeing
  • To offer your clients the best of possible service
  • To manage your personnel better



  • Increase of sales
  • Containment of unnecessary expenses
  • Professional contact with tourist agents in Greece and abroad
  • Follow up with the tourist agents correspondence and offers to particular clients’
  • Improvement of hotel status and recognition
  • Improvement of your services without cost increase
  • Strong hotel promotion in social media (facebook, twitter, pinterest etc.)
  • Improvement of your hotel status in tourist agents platforms.



  • Designing and bringing in action a personalized strategy for your hotel
  • Fast and efficient activation of your decisions
  • Emphasis in offering the best possible hospitality
  • Emphasis in the client’s impressions
  • Emphasis in the upgraded philosophy of offered services
  • Emphasis in bringing the client back!



Experienced members of our company are visiting your hotel and in collaboration to the owner we evaluate all functional practices in each hotel and agree on the ones that need improvement.

We design a specific strategy plan of actions as well as the means and time period of goals achievement.

The final fee is estimated on the basis of the agreed program that will be set in action